Why your vocabulary is so important for children

8th January 2017

We already know how important it is to talk to children and not just ‘park’ them in front of screens, but this article quotes expert Michael Jones and makes fascinating reading. He reminds us that it can take a child up to 500 times to learn a new word, so we need to surround them with a ‘language rich environment’. ┬áThe temptation to ‘dumb-down’ should be resisted – a ‘baby horse’ is a ‘foal’, and a ‘baby lion’ is a ‘lion cub’.

I remember hearing Penny Tassoni talking at a conference a couple of years ago. She recounted a story of seeing a child in pre-school being asked ‘what colour was the post box’. The child rolled her eyes and said ‘red’. She was reading the same story again, after nearly 2 years in pre-school, and had clearly heard the question many times. How much more exciting to describe the post-box as ‘scarlet’ or explain the term ‘letterbox red’?

I have heard many a 2 year old explaining that the ‘stegosauraus’ is fighting with the ‘diplodocus’. If they can manage to remember complex words when they interest them, surely we should supply with them with as many interesting words as we can?

Food for thought – for parents and practitioners alike!


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Sarah Steel
Sarah Steel
Sarah Steel established The Old Station Nursery in 2002 and now has 6 nurseries in the Lincoln and Oxfordshire area. She is passionate about childcare and providing safe environments for children which make both them and their parents happy.


10:08 am.May 04, 2017

Yes vocabulary and its correct pronunciation is must for children in childhood. As more words they learn and will explain their feelings and interest in better way.

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