‘Home from home’ childcare in award-winning nurseries

At The Old Station Nursery we know that we are looking after your most precious people in the world and we want you to be entirely happy with the care we provide. We strive to offer a ‘home-from-home’ environment where your child can be safe, happy and stimulated and make new friends and experience new activities.

We have 8 award-winning nurseries around the UK, each of which shares the same ethos of care, but has its own unique characteristics. We are a group, not a chain, as each nursery is different, but the same quality and standards apply across the group. Each nursery is part of the local community and each staff team works in the most appropriate manner for the children in their care.

We have our very own Forest School at our Henley on Thames nursery, offering Forest School sessions as part of the curriculum to children aged from 2 years upwards, as well as to all holiday club children, aged from 4 to 11 years.

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home-cooked meals using local, organic produce whenever possible.
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We follow the voluntary guidelines laid out by the
School Food Trust

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“Being a self employed mum I had to return to work earlier than most and finding a nursery I was happy to leave a 3 month old baby that I was breastfeeding was a task I did not relish. However ever since Oliver started his 2 days at the Old Station Nursery I have been overwhelmed by the care he has been given. The staff here don’t just do their job, they show the kind of love and tenderness that you would expect from a family member. They know his unique traits and habits and even point new ones out to me. The Nursery have been an integral part of Oliver’s development from how well he speaks to creating a non fussy eater (bliss to a busy mum!)

It is also the differences I see in Oliver compared to his friends who do not go to nursery that also impresses me. He is far more outgoing in new environments and easily mixes with children and adults alike and has learn’t valuable life lessons even at this tender age. My initial guilt of leaving him so young has turned into a real positive and given him a distinctive advantage in life already and I can clearly see the differences between him and his peers. I put this down to the combination of my own parenting and that of the nursery which has given Oliver the best of both worlds and exposed him to situations that only each party can provide.

The Old Station Nursery has changed my view on childcare. Rather than feeling that a full time mum is the best option I now firmly believe that not sending Oliver to nursery would have given him a disadvantage. There are certain things even the best mum in the world cannot replicate at home. But what the old station nursery does is create another home and for that I am sincerely grateful.”