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Leadership Day 2018

November 4th, 2018 by Sarah Steel

Every year we have a whole company training day and invite a guest speaker in, with the brief that they need to entertain and inspire over 100 members of the team. Our whole company training day, or Leadership Day, is at the end of September and it is always a great chance for everyone to hear the same message together. Our practitioners all enjoy the chance to get together, to network with other nurseries in the group and to do something as a team.

This year we were really pleased to welcome Anna Ephgrave for the day and she ran a training session on ‘In the moment planning.’ This is really about focussing on the interests of the children, rather than spending a lot of time planning ahead and trying to fit the activities of the room around set topics and activities. Our team at Innsworth have been following Anna’s approach since Julie and I went on a training course at the end of last year and they were able to share how it is working for them.

The day prompted a lot of discussion and reflection and it was interesting to hear from all the nursery managers on Friday, to see how this more spontaneous method of planning is being adopted in the nurseries. Generally, it is a huge relief to move away from a lot of paperwork and ‘strip back’ what we are doing, focussing carefully on each child. Each nursery is doing it slightly differently and some have embraced it more than others, but it is a case of continually reviewing what we do everywhere and adapting as we see fit.

Our cooks also enjoyed a great training session with Yvonne Richards from the Early Years Nutrition Partnership and we are really glad to be taking part in their accreditation scheme, starting with our Innsworth nursery, so more to follow on that!

The day finished, as always, with our Rising Star awards, and it was great to celebrate another successful year with a truly special team.

If you want to find out more about Anna’s training, do have a look at: Anna Ephgrave’s training company

More information on the EYNP is also available at: Early Years Nutrition Partnership

Reducing sugar in our diet

January 31st, 2016 by Sarah Steel

As January draws to a close, many of us will have made some new year resolutions to eat and drink less, or exercise more. However, there has also been a lot in the media about sugar and how bad it is for us. We’ve been focussing on sugar in drinks with our pre-school children in nursery, showing them pictorially how much sugar is in some soft drinks, including those directly targeted at children. A small carton of Capri-sun, which some might think was ‘healthy’ as it is fruity, contains 10g of sugar in just one serving. A 471ml bottle of Friij toffee milkshake contains an amazing 12.9g of sugar.

At nursery we serve only milk and water and encouraging toothbrushing after lunch. There are some great public health resources for anyone interested in cutting down on sugar, do have a look at:

Our display may at least make you think twice, or help when you are explaining to your child why water is so good for them in so many ways!Sugardisplay

A guest blog on feeding your baby….

March 9th, 2015 by Sarah Steel

Parent.Guide was launched in the spring of 2014 and has quickly become one of the go to parenting resources. Jess was a nany for 17 years prior to becoming a parent herself. She lives with her husband and young child in Australia but is native American. Here we share a blog from her on feeding your baby: Go Natural When It Comes to Baby Food


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